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Bringing a top‑notch curriculum alive

Villa Maria High School

Villa Maria high school is a co-ed private school that delivers personalized support in a motivating bilingual environment.

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Spreading the news

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We’ve worked with Villa Maria on their multi-channel ad campaigns since 2015.

In 2017, the private high school redesigned their curriculum to feature four new academic profiles that would allow students to pursue career-specific interests. The new approach was a significant shift for Villa Maria, but they knew it would be a big draw for Montreal families, and asked Camden to spread the news.

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Four new academic profiles

New ways to learn

We started by crafting a compelling new slogan that would drive home the school’s commitment to innovation and hands-on learning: “New ways to learn for a new world tomorrow.”

Then we paired it with colourful art direction for an appealing story. That story would be told with brochures, signage, animated videos, web banners and more.

  • Brochures, signage, animated videos, web banners...
  • Brochures, signage, animated videos, web banners...

A new world tomorrow

We had already revamped the school’s website as part of their rebrand, but the new program would require some careful integration planning, so we took the opportunity to optimize the overall user experience and make the site more responsive.

Our motion designers brought colourful designs to life in dynamic animated videos that would live front-and-centre on the website. 

We fine-tuned website ergonomics, including a new site map for easier navigation, meaningful visuals and interactive elements, like our campus map.

Raising the bar

Intelligent use of programmatic advertising, tactical media buys and radio ads earned Villa Maria a record turnout to the open house—and a new goal for us to surpass in 2018.

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