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Advertising has one true mission, and it is often overlooked: to sell. That's it. To sell an idea, a perception, an action, a view of the world, a behaviour, a taste, a product or a service. And even when we work on B2B campaigns, we know that at the end of the day, we're talking to human beings. At Camden, we focus on four key ideas: understanding, attribution, appreciation and appeal. Unless we're able to achieve clearly defined objectives, any ad is a waste of time and money. What matters is to create authentic emotional connections while respecting the intelligence of our target audiences. Ultimately, the difference between an annoying interruption and well-earned trust is a single word: relevance. But good advertising can't generate tangible results without a finely tuned media strategy. Find out more by reading our media section where we break down our 100% integrated digital and traditional media offering.

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Data analysis and strategic planning

Embarking on a creative process without doing your homework is literally throwing your client's budget away. So where do we start? By analyzing data about the client and their market using cutting-edge software tools and observing how the competition behaves. In short, we draw up a clear picture of our targets, their lifestyles, potential psychological triggers, and then we identify the main media strategies that will reach them. Only when this step is completed can we kick off the creative process. This makes Camden an agency where breakthrough creative is based on solid foundations and powerful insights.

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  • Ad creation

    Armed with a clear and concise brief approved by the client, our creative talent work together and individually to come up with concepts that will have maximum impact as advertisements on digital media, social networks or in traditional media. At Camden, we have expertise in copywriting (in both English and French), art direction, storyboarding, production, animation, illustration and more, in a tightly knit network, to create eye-catching campaigns that meet our clients' expectations.

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  • Measurement and performance

    Without measurement, the effectiveness of an advertising campaign will be based on personal impressions and subjective perceptions. It's only by setting clear goals, defining KPIs, establishing measurement tools and then compiling reports on a timely basis that both client and agency can gain a clear, actionable picture of how an ad campaign is performing and then identify, if necessary, avenues for improvement or optimization. Testing creative elements prior to delivery and then evaluating factors such as brand attribution and message appreciation during the campaign enable us to apply continuous improvements to the creative product. At Camden, we know that breakthrough creative is only worth having when it actually works.

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  • Ad production

    A great concept won't have the impact it deserves without staying focused on the craft of production. For over a decade, Camden has been a full-service ad agency with the full range of production services provided or managed in-house. We have our own producers, who work closely with our creatives, strategists and account directors to ensure that scriptwriting, directing, video/film, radio/audio, motion design, print, post-production and even 3D modelling are all managed internally as a single streamlined production flow. One agency. One optimized process. And budgets where every penny is invested in engaging with your target audience. Find out more about our production services here.

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