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RTO - Dompter l’éléphant dans la pièce

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Taming the elephant in the room


With 81,000+ members in 51 districts across Canada, RTOERO is a bilingual trusted voice on healthy, active living in the retirement journey for the broader education community. 

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An unwieldy acronym becomes the star of the show

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RTOERO is the largest national provider of non-profit group health benefits for education retirees. The organization used to be known as Retired Teachers of Ontario but had expanded its mission to the point where its name was no longer appropriate. This resulted in the bilingual acronym RTOERO, which, let’s face it, is unwieldy at best.

But Camden found a way to create a tongue-in-cheek campaign using the acronym as an excuse to name-check the full range of RTOERO’s services. The resulting TV ad was produced entirely in-house and hit the funny bone as well as its target audience.

Targeted media

Camden’s Toronto media hub handled all media strategy and buying for the campaign, which aimed to communicate the benefits of membership to Canadians who are from the education community at large and who may live outside of Ontario. 

The television ad was broadcast on connected TV platforms, shown on YouTube as a pre-roll ad, and also appeared as paid advertising on social networks such as Facebook.

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