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Engineering a light bulb moment

Multi Luminaire

Multi Luminaire (now Multi Lighting) sells a wide range of light fixtures and home accessories for households and businesses across Canada.

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A new light

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In 2016, leading Quebec lighting retailer Multi Luminaire asked us to create a brand new awareness campaign to differentiate it from competitors and increase in-store traffic.

Research showed that consumers (mistakenly) expect to pay more in a specialty store than in a hardware store. They don’t realize that a wider product selection and expert service means they’re better off shopping at a specialist lighting store – and in particular at Multi Luminaire.

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Lighting retailer Multi Luminaire

Harmony & desire

The retail ad space is crowded, and consumer attention in short supply. We decided to short-circuit the noise and take a moment to celebrate harmony and beauty. The goal? Envelop the audience in a rich atmosphere interspersed with strong brand associations. 

We launched Multi Luminaire’s brand-new creative with three 30-second TV ads that delivered our product-centred message in two parts: a conceptual, attention-grabbing opening and promo-driven finale. 

Each ad was set to original music to add dimension and texture to the overall mood.

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Multi Luminaire

Big gains

The promo products featured in the ads were selected to target different market segments, and all sold out in just a few days. The sales jump was so impressive that Multi Luminaire opened a new store.

The retailer came back to us in 2017 for more ads – the highest compliment from a client!

la Pensée rebelle

“Focusing on esthetics can have its pitfalls for a retailer, but with Multi Luminaire we saw a rare opportunity to create a design-driven universe without sacrificing the end goal – sales. That’s because design, along with variety, plays a huge role in the client’s USP: beauty isn’t an afterthought, it signifies change, renewal, differentiation.”

Mathieu Bédard, CEO, Camden

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