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Célébrer nos efforts quotidiens

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Saluting everyday neighbourliness

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Voisin is a neighbourhood store brand developed by Sobeys Quebec, with over 100 independent retailers.

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A flagship TV ad for a 360 campaign

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Spring 2022 marked the third successive year that Camden produced a major campaign to promote Voisin’s ready-to-eat product selection across Quebec.

We came up with the Merci Voisin (Thanks, neighbour!) theme to re-emphasize the brand’s unique positioning as the neighbour who chips in whenever you need a helping hand. 

Titre gauche

Good neighbours, great rewards!

Texte gauche

The campaign’s flagship 30-second TV ad featured 3D animation, on-point art direction and a light hearted voice-over. The insight behind the concept was that everyone can do with a helping hand when gearing up for summer. And neighbours who help out should be rewarded with one of Voisin’s ready-to-eat options!

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