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Even with great creative driven by killer ideas, your brand won’t make its mark without stepping into the spotlight. Demographics and location aren’t enough; twenty-first century media is everywhere – it’s always on.

That’s why building a strategic media campaign requires a careful combination of data and creativity to get you on the right media outlet at the right time – the point where behaviour and experience intersect.

Buying profiles – not space – is the golden rule of today's media landscape. Reaching millions of viewers, one at a time, using psychographic insights: going beyond segmentation, embracing personalization.

  • Media services from Camden advertising agency : one-stop-shop media planning
  • One-stop-shop media planning

    Camden’s turnkey media planning services include digital strategy, media negotiation, media buying, continuous optimization and post-campaign measurement – all tailored to meet your marketing and business objectives. Who needs a standalone media planning agency or digital marketing agency when you can get it all under one roof, with a full-service media partner that sees every piece of the puzzle? Plus, with a single agency running your creative and media, you'll save big-time on admin and management.

    Our accomplished media planners leverage their knowledge of marketing and mass communication to identify and select channels that will pay off. Reaching the target starts with three key questions: where, when and how often? You’ll find answer the answers in any good media plan.

    When it comes to media objectives and strategy, connecting with the right audience and boosting brand awareness is the goal. Our transparent, personalized media optimization, management and measurement process delivers 100% quantifiable results. We see further and bid smarter to maximize every dollar of your media budget.

  • Media services from Camden advertising agency : one-stop-shop media planning
  • Innovative media campaigns

    Media plays a crucial role in the marketing funnel.

    We’ll take a strategic look at your business and marketing goals, your products, your company's competitive space and any other data our strategists can get their hands on. The goal is to understand your target audience through the development of personas, psychographic analyses, consumer behaviour analyses and an understanding of the decision-making process. Using a wide array of advanced analytical techniques and AI, we set up a multi-channel strategy that accompanies your target audience on their consumer journey, allowing them to find exactly what they're looking for.

    We conduct an in-depth analysis of your company and its market environment before developing a media buying plan. That’s when our qualified in-house media specialists step in to execute the strategy, working closely with mass and niche media to build creative campaigns that deliver – and meet audience expectations!

  • Media services from Camden advertising agency : one-stop-shop media planning
  • Roll out, read, repeat

    Target customers won’t engage with your messaging unless they can see or hear it. And they won’t engage with anything that falls short of a full customer experience.

    Our media strategists target the right markets with effective analytic tools, find and track meaningful parameters, match target research to the best media mix and test the media program until they’ve found the sweet spot (and customize accordingly). We don’t just negotiate the best price for your media buys, we negotiate the best placement – which will make all the difference to your ROI. We carefully monitor your campaign on an ongoing basis to see what resonates, but we also review our performance when it's over. Camden produces an in-depth report to make sure your next project, and the one after that, reaches even more people: sources, channels, search engines, audiences, delivery – we cover all our bases.

    Most importantly, everything we do relies on compelling audience insights that account for the nuanced behaviour and interaction models in today’s digital marketplace (every consumer is different, just ask our digital team.


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