Camden Lyon

Camden Lyon

Camden’s European stronghold can be found in the heart of the Presqu’île, in Lyon, France. After seven successful years as an indie boutique shop under the name Les Distilleurs, the advertising agency joined the Camden network in 2018.

Office elements of Camden Lyon advertising agency


The office on rue Franklin is just steps away from the art galleries and local designers of rue Auguste Comte. This cultural hotspot fuels the unique perspective that Camden Lyon brings to the group (as well as an inimitable Lyon-inspired je-ne-sais-quoi).

Substantial experience in the local market and a multi-disciplinary creative team have earned our European hub the trust and recognition of its clients.

Camden Lyon advertising agency is located on Franklin street
Office vibes of Camden Lyon advertising agency Camden Lyon motion design team in action

Creative fusion

Today, under the spirited leadership of Fanny Mounier, Thomas Ardisson and Lionel Farget, Camden Lyon is adding increasingly complex projects to its workload, and continuing to build a strong portfolio of compelling campaigns and tangible results.

River view close to Camden Lyon office


  • Photo Lionel Farget
    Lionel Farget
    Vice President, Creation, Partner

  • Photo Fanny Mounier
    Fanny Mounier
    Vice President, Strategy and Client Services, Partner

  • Mathieu Bédard
    Mathieu Bédard

  • Marie-Michèle Jacques
    Marie-Michèle Jacques
    Executive Vice President, Senior Partner

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