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La solution Numea

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The Numea solution


Founded in 2010 as SolutionStat, Numea is a specialised data science firm that takes a human approach to AI while providing modelling, visualisation, insights, strategy, and training.

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A new identity

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In 2012, key members of Montreal firm SolutionStat travelled to Nouméa, the capital of New Caledonia, to provide their expertise. Almost a decade later, it was this project in the South Pacific that inspired our approach when the company asked us to create its new brand identity.

Combining the name of the island’s capital with what drives the brand (numbers), we came up with the name Numea and from there, we developed a new logo and a website capable of servicing the needs of their growing market.

  • SolutionStat becomes Numea
  • SolutionStat becomes Numea

Inspired by data

In order to understand the company’s market and offer, we conducted an audit, a stakeholder survey, and provided positioning recommendations to help develop the new identity.

Creating a new website was a big part of the rebranding. Information architecture was developed with the latest UX requirements in mind. We drafted new, engaging copy for the site, designed an intuitive user experience and implemented cross-device compatibility. 

To launch the rebranding project, we also created a video, SolutionStat becomes Numea, which highlighted the brand’s new direction and was distributed on B2B social media platforms.

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