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Creation, planning and distribution are all well and good. But unless you also have the high-quality production that your brand deserves, you're in trouble. At Camden, production is an integral part of the creative process. Our producers and directors are involved from the start of a project, not parachuted in along the way. We take great pride in getting the best bang for your production buck. We are constantly finding innovative ways to become more efficient – turning your production budgets into assets, not expenses. Whether it's video production, motion design, photography, illustration, audio or 3D modelling, at Camden you'll find an agency that's also a  production company with over 30 years' experience and a diversified, world-class network of internal talent and trusted external partners.

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Whether for a TV ad, an online platform, social media video, a CEO's speech, your brand manifesto, or your CSR message, films and videos are still the most powerful way to get your brand across to any audience. And at Camden, we are past masters at producing video in any format. For over 15 years, we have been offering a multitude of solutions as a production company, mainly in-house and occasionally through our network of international partners. The bottom line? We keep a tight leash to make sure that our creative vision stays on track and that video production remains an integral part of our process as we push the boundaries of creativity.

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  • Motion design

    Motion design is graphic design come to life. The potential of animated content is infinite and is a fantastic way to maximize engagement. At Camden, motion design is an important part of our creative production toolbox, and is produced in-house by our motion design teams. Whether it's storytelling for a TV commercial or the more complex animation of specialized content for social media, Camden's motion design conveys style, impact, information, and a healthy dose of emotion when needed. All, of course, in perfect harmony with your brand and its imagery.

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  • Photography

    The creation of original content is what helps make brands succeed. So when our brief includes photography, Camden provides a fully integrated turnkey service. This begins by talking to our network of partners to choose a photographer whose talent and skill sets align with the project. Then we immediately onboard them with our creative team. There are as many different photo genres as there are good photographers: fashion photography, product photography, corporate portraits, employee headshots, architectural photography, nature photography, etc. But one fact remains: investing in exceptional original photos can make an ad campaign, website or social content soar. Why? Because unique, differentiated brands with images that no one else can lay claim to will always have more impact and consistently perform better.

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  • Illustration

    The organic, human touch of illustrations remains a powerful asset in a wide variety of advertising and communications projects. Choosing Camden as a production or design agency means having access to a vast network of illustrators, either in-house or through trusted partnerships. You'll also be secure in the knowledge that their work will be a perfect fit for your brand as well as the project's creative concept. And ultimately, it means that your project will have a unique impact.

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  • Audio

    The role of audio is crucial at a time when our lives have become oversaturated with images. Everyone knows how the popularity of podcasts has exploded in recent years. Audiences have their ears wide open. As an agency that specializes in sound production, Camden handles all aspects of audio in every project, consistently aligned with the vision of its creatives and strategists. From voice-overs for TV or online ads, radio commercials, podcasts, music composition, to sound design, jingles or audio logos, Camden is an agency that helps you shout (or sing!) your message from the rooftops.

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  • 3D modelling

    With the exponential growth in the power and capabilities of 3D modelling technology and software, no campaign is too small to consider using 3D to replace or enhance video or photography. Camden's clients who need to populate online stores with products, produce architectural mockups or even design NFTs can also benefit from 3D modelling. As a full-service agency, our staff not only understands the importance of world-class 3D renderings, they ensure that what we produce is 100% aligned with the client's needs, their brand identity and the media where it will appear.

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