Don’t be surprised if we ask a ton of questions or raise the odd objection before proposing an optimal solution.

We call it Rebel Thinking: the self-imposed duty to set the deliverables list aside and dig deeper before saying yes (scratching the surface just isn’t our style).

Rebel Thinking is taking things apart and putting them back together. Filtering each project through lens after lens. It’s Camden’s steadfast commitment to awareness, understanding and helping our clients communicate better.

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How we work

Companies and organizations come to us looking for help in communicating a message, establishing a brand or promoting an offer. But their stated objectives might not be what they really need. At Camden, we lay a solid foundation for a successful strategy that all client stakeholders can sign off on, and we do it by applying a methodology that we call T(talk) L(learn) C(challenge).



We open up an honest dialogue and listen attentively. (Because we’re humble enough to know that we don’t know everything.)



We need to understand our clients’ business reality, their marketing contexts, and the results they expect to achieve.



We bring our expertise to the table by asking the right (and often tough) questions. The outcome? New insights on which to build our strategic and creative pathway to success.


How we do it