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Camden is a design and communications agency that abides by this principle: design is about function and not just esthetics. Simply put, good design helps consumers understand the brand and make it a part of their lives. We provide a full range of communication and design services from teams with diverse and complementary profiles, experience and expertise. From strategy to awareness, through corporate communications, internal communications and interior design for commercial spaces, we are passionate about combining beauty with utility.

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Communication strategy

First and foremost, Camden is a communications agency. Whatever the target audience –  internal comms, the general public, investors, B2B, promotions or employer branding – any effective communication campaign depends on a solid strategy. And how do we build one? By carefully crafting key messages and establishing the overarching creative direction. When necessary, we also put together the most effective communication mix. The experts on our teams explore the entire communications toolbox (never forgetting counterintuitive solutions) to ensure that we achieve your objectives as quickly and simply as possible. Because in communication, as in everything else, the simplest solutions are often the best.

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  • Social awareness campaigns

    Raising awareness is a skill in itself. Awareness of an issue, encouraging the adoption of a position or an idea, positioning a social issue in the minds of the population, and doing so with a sensitive, appropriate tone, is never an off-the-cuff project. Because social awareness campaigns often call upon scientific research and insights (especially from psychology and sociology), as well as mastering concepts like cognitive dissonance. Add to the mix Camden's experience, intuition and sensitivity, and you'll see why we have been running successful awareness campaigns for clients with social and political missions for over thirty years. Maybe you work for a local community, a professional order, an association, a union, a health or education organization, a foundation, a non-profit or an NGO? At Camden you'll find like-minded people with extensive expertise and a shared passion for social communications projects that also give meaning to the work we do.

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  • Internal and corporate communications

    We all know that companies are so much more than legal and financial structures – it goes without saying that they embody values and more often than not proclaim social responsibility. And of course they want their various audiences to appreciate their social efforts and develop a positive association with their brand. That's where we come in. We are experts at crafting and creating the right messages for your internal and external owned media (which means your website, newsletter, blog, social networks, intranet). Your investors expect to easily obtain a clear understanding of your organization's financial results and business direction in your annual or CSR report. This data could be displayed as a graph, a chart, a visual, or in clearly presented tables and summaries. Your communication and publishing platforms also need to be rethought with environmental considerations in mind. Camden is an agency with a proven track record in internal and corporate communications, in both English and French, and in print and digital. See for yourself in our Projects section.

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  • Interior design for retail and corporate spaces

    Our clients often need to convey their corporate culture or brand identity in physical spaces, whether office or retail environments. Interior design is one of Camden's core competencies. We have developed a network of partnerships with architecture and construction firms, meaning that our design teams are able to combine inspiration with tech tools to bring your real-world projects to life and create exceptional experiences for the people who visit them. Whether it's the complete makeover of a huge hall in one of France's largest sports stadiums, the design of your new flagship store, or redecorating your staff kitchen with employer-brand colours, we know how to adapt to your challenges and deploy creative and engaging design that matches your brand guidelines.

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