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Turning on the comedy tap

Espace Plomberium

A division of Deschênes & Fils, Espace Plomberium consists of five boutiques specializing in quality plumbing products.

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DIY dummies

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In the summer of 2021, Camden was asked by high-end plumbing fixtures retailer Espace Plomberium to produce a hyper-targeted ad campaign that would highlight the expertise of its customer service team.

We playfully imagined what life would be like without Espace Plomberium for homeowners who lack experience in kitchen and bathroom renovation. 

Media innovation

The two 15-second spots formed an innovative digital campaign led by Camden’s media team that deployed mobile marketing tactics within the boutiques’ surrounding coverage areas. Targeting two birds with one stone, the campaign was able to increase brand awareness while reviving the in-person shopping experience as pandemic restrictions were relaxed.

Fast turnaround

“With remarkable speed and precision, Camden created a campaign that highlighted one of our primary strengths—customer service. By injecting a bit of humour into the campaign, we were able to build a rapport with our target audience while giving our brand more exposure.” 

Josée Lagacé, Marketing and Communications Director, Espace Plomberium

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