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A collaborative strategy for a platform-savvy audience

Villa Maria High School

Villa Maria high school is a co-ed private school that delivers personalized support in a motivating bilingual environment.

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When it comes to social media and content creation, schools are well equipped to rally their communities around a common goal. What’s their secret? An intrinsic project—an authentic purpose with clear benchmarks (educating young people and preparing them for adult life).

All this was true of Villa Maria; the school had always had a strong online community. But our audit dug up issues that were holding them back: similar content on the client’s two main channels—Facebook and Instagram—and erratic interactions with community partners. The content itself put too much emphasis on school life and not enough on Villa Maria’s curriculum and pedagogical approach.

Communicating “school life” is one thing—showcasing the Villa Maria experience is another.

Platform savvy

Dividing our audience into parents (Facebook) and students (Instagram), we used each platform to its full potential by deploying meaningful storytelling in a variety of formats. 

Villa Maria’s biggest audience will always be young and platform savvy—there’s no way around it.

  • Villa Maria High School
  • Villa Maria High School

Two to tango

Villa Maria wanted their social media channels to reflect their culture, values and mission: personal development, critical thinking, community involvement, innovation, sustainability… From a practical perspective, that meant posting about the school’s academic profile program, their “Education 3.0” approach, the sustainability-focused EcoLab initiative and their wide range of extracurriculars.

Most importantly, it involved the community in a bidirectional relationship: Villa Maria stopped making content for students and started making content with students, bringing the same collaborative spirit to the school’s social media presence that it conveys in its curriculum and outlook.

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