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Global Footprint, Human Touch


A technological leader in 3D metrology and engineering, Creaform develops, manufactures, and sells portable and automated solutions to thousands of clients in over 75 countries.

As a member of the AMETEK group, with offices and innovation centres in 13 countries and a team of over 600 employees, Creaform has a strong presence in Quebec, with its headquarters located in Lévis.

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Building the Employer Brand of a Technological Leader

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Creaform partnered with Camden to assist in the strategy, definition, and creation of its global employer brand. Being at the forefront of technology in various industries, the company’s innovation capacity heavily relies on its talents, which are rare and in high demand.

The challenge was to build a strong brand to attract, retain, and engage candidates from a multicultural pool and highly specialized technological fields.

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Vision For Work-Life Harmony

The implementation was preceded by numerous workshops conducted by profession and geographical region, along with an audit and survey in which Camden highlighted Creaform’s differentiating factors.

We centred the recruitment platform on the human aspect, with an approach that celebrates the balance between professional and personal passions: a balance genuinely encouraged by the company, a reality experienced by the staff and confirmed at the end of numerous workshops.

Today’s Humans Shaping Tomorrow

“Creaform Yourself" showcases a group of passionate and dedicated individuals who successfully strike a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives.

To support the launch of this new employer brand, a compelling manifesto video was created. Unifying, inspirational, and action-oriented, it encapsulates Creaform’s commitment to encourage its teams to live their lives to the fullest. A win-win for everyone, as the seamless integration of personal and professional passions into the daily routine can help foster a highly innovative environment.

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Adapting Globally

To access a global talent pool, the campaign was meticulously crafted to seamlessly align with the unique dynamics of diverse international markets where Creaform has a presence.

Camden provided Creaform’s HR and marketing teams with a tailored toolkit for brand deployment, comprising a prominent office poster, a series of engaging social media content, LinkedIn post templates, and a bespoke booth for job fairs on academic campuses. Additionally, an employment guide was thoughtfully designed to further support these efforts.

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