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Digital marketing encompasses all platforms, networks, channels and media that carry data. You know, the content you see on smartphones, tablets, computers and, increasingly, connected TVs. Camden has been a digital agency for many years. Whether the project requires branding, advertising, employer branding or tech applications, our expertise covers all the digital bases, from concept to execution and production of creative. Analysts, SEO and SXO specialists, UX, UI and CX designers, programmers, integrators and testers work in close collaboration with our other departments to understand your business objectives and what your brand is all about. Our digital menu features creativity, relevance, stickiness, performance and sustained usability for websites, conversion pages, experiential microsites and eCommerce platforms.

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Online marketing strategy

Every successful online campaign is built upon a standout strategy. And at the heart of any standout strategy is a thorough needs analysis and audit. At Camden job one is doing our homework: evaluating existing digital tools, combing through user and audience data using a suite of software such as a CRM platform, Google Analytics and HotJar, and in-depth analysis of the project's business purpose and marketing goals, the needs of the target audience, and, finally, a functional analysis of the operational and technological requirements. Our experts will also explore a variety of user experience (UX) scenarios to make visiting the site as intuitive as possible. We use semantic search and natural referencing to optimize positioning on search engines (mainly Google), paid listings and online advertising to generate qualified traffic (typically using SEA and Google Adwords), content marketing, digital marketing and, of course, relationship marketing. The result? Comprehensive, far-sighted strategies that take into account every feature of your digital ecosystem, while keeping a sharp focus on your brand integrity and business objectives.

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  • UI, UX and CX design

    Good UX design means that a user of a website or app finds navigation fluid and easy, and it begins with a clear-eyed analysis of the user's expectations and needs. We start by carrying out a qualitative audit that covers the overall ergonomic experience when users interact with the interface and content, to make sure we surface any potential irritants and issues. UI design focuses more on eye-catching visuals that keep and maintain attention while helping users understand and discover the content. Stickiness is key for encouraging a target audience to interact with our client's content and be exposed to their messages for as long as possible. At Camden, we understand the importance of establishing rock-solid UX parameters before we tackle the UI. This means a clear strategy which serves as a foundation for the information architecture. Once the sitemap is approved we move on to the content wireframes, art direction and UI components (visual research) that are the building blocks for the desktop and mobile design mockups. Finally, a customer experience (CX) strategy will define the actions a user should take on the site or app to optimize and personalize their customer experience. At Camden, the quality of the UI, UX and CX we produce is a result of our experts' obsession with delivering exceptional digital experiences that are perfectly aligned with our clients' brands.

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  • Web production

    Website creation is at the heart of Camden's fully integrated, in-house digital offering. This involves the production of high-performance, adaptive websites. Our team's strength lies in its experience, versatility and ability to master multiple programming languages, such as PHP, Javascript and Liquid. We choose the software platform that's best suited to our clients' needs and context, for example Drupal, Wordpress or Process Wire. At Camden, we do more than design great sites – we create digital experiences that are aligned from A-Z to our clients' brands and business goals. As a digital agency with decades of experience, we base our processes on clear steps: planning and defining the experience, art direction, interface design, copywriting and translating written content, programming and integration, and finally deployment, testing and release. We also provide our clients with all the training they need to handle their own content management (CMS) and maintenance, if required. Our project management tools are transparent, giving clients an inside look at how their project is advancing. We see web production as a key brand touchpoint, rather than a standalone entity. Because a brand's equity increases when consumers experience it consistently and coherently.

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  • eCommerce

    As a digital-first agency, Camden's services include the design and production of online sales platforms. Each project is different, so we start by selecting the right e-commerce solution (Big commerce, Shopify, Drupal, etc.), according to the specific needs of the client's online store. That's why we work closely with you from day one to define your store's specifications and functionalities, including design, inventory management system, and more. Also of prime importance for optimizing conversion rates is the design and writing of product sheets. As a full-service ad agency, we will also fine-tune a launch and online marketing strategy to hit sales targets using email harvesting, SEO and media planning. We know how important it is to define the shopper journey and engage with customers at every stage of the sales funnel, especially in the “Messy Middle” where conversion is up for grabs. Ultimately, as with everything we do, Camden will ensure that your brand is respected throughout the online shopping experience.

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  • Microsites and conversion pages

    Because Camden is a creative ad agency with a fully integrated digital offering, we believe that in order to deliver a 360-degree brand experience aligned with your marketing strategy, you often need advertising or communication campaigns with creative and strategic digital products. This can mean producing landing pages that showcase your products or services, a special promotion or a specific event, or microsites that bring an awareness campaign online. Our in-house digital experts work in close collaboration with our other departments to achieve your business or communication objectives while ensuring that the user experience is innovative and engaging. And of course we track engagement and measure results!

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  • Metaverse and NFTs

    Technological innovation is a high-speed train, and any creative or digital agency worth its salt needs to be on board. We can only serve our clients properly when we track and interpret the latest tech trends. So as part of its digital services offering, Camden has developed an expertise in analyzing, planning and producing brand experiences in the metaverse. The metaverse is a multitude of platforms and constantly evolving Web3 contexts, some of which are already accessible to brands. Our job is to identify opportunities that are appropriate for our clients' audiences, select the right environment(s) among what's already available in the metaverse, or develop new implementations, sponsorships and experiences that are both fun and a natural fit with their brands and audiences.

    One of the most high-profile features of the metaverse is the proliferation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens stored on a blockchain). Our job is to explore the creative opportunities that NFTs represent for our clients and their objectives, then turn them into reality – or at least virtual reality! How might this benefit you? The possibilities are endless right now, and include images or collections of images (photos, videos, renderings, etc.) in the form of files to which certificates of digital authenticity have been attached, and which will evolve as a vehicle for your brand on NFT marketplaces as well as in the metaverse. Our integrated teams of analysts, strategists, designers, modellers and programmers will work closely with your account director at Camden to guide you and make what may seem like a complex project a satisfyingly simple cutting-edge marketing tool.

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