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SÉO - Website

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Bringing a vision and a website into alignment

Société Économique de l’Ontario

The Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO) supports economic development, entrepreneurship, employability and immigration among Ontario’s francophone and bilingual communities.

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Playing catch up

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The Société Économique de l'Ontario (SÉO) helps francophone and bilingual businesses flourish in Ontario and the rest of Canada, encouraging an inclusive, innovative approach to wealth creation.

But in 2019, the organization’s website wasn’t nearly as innovative, dynamic – or effective – as its methods. So they approached Camden to help them catch up. 

Our job? Develop a bilingual, mobile-optimized website with a UX focus to boost awareness and conversion.

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La Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO)

Hide and seek

With poor device compatibility, disorganized navigation and infrequently updated content, SÉO’s existing website made it difficult for visitors to find what they were looking for (which is every website’s number one job). A great service offering is one thing – accessing the services is another.

New immigrants, entrepreneurs and businesses scouting for new hires all have different needs, so we made sure to reflect that in the site architecture. Camden restructured the sitemap to make information accessible and relevant.

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Camden restructured the sitemap to make information accessible and relevant

Concision and clarity

The vast majority of existing clients reported hearing about SÉO through word of mouth (meaning the website was failing at job number two), so we conducted a full website audit to identify weak conversion areas.

A clean, updated design was created, and content was adjusted for concision and clarity while enhancing SEO. (Yes, we really did SEO for SÉO!)

We also implemented a new CMS for turnkey client-side content management (and trained SÉO staff on how to use it).

SÉO wanted their new website to be concise, modern and easy to navigate for existing and prospective partners and clients. With a streamlined sitemap, content-driven design and the implementation of UX/UI best practices, that’s exactly what we delivered.

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La Société Économique de l’Ontario, Website

An agile partnership

“Despite facing tight deadlines, Camden rose to the challenge with typical audacity. From the idea phase to online rollout, the agency’s experts came up with solutions tailored to our requirements for flexibility, upkeep and support, ultimately delivering a website we can be proud of. I wholeheartedly recommend Camden – a true partner who helped us fulfill our objectives.”

Luc Morin, Executive Director of the SÉO

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