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Winning contest season with Boni-Soir and Voisin


Voisin is a neighbourhood store brand developed by Sobeys Quebec, with over 100 independent retailers.

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Twice the fun

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Camden has worked with Sobeys since 2014, and that includes the spring contests they run for their c-store segment with two goals in mind: to drive consumers in-store and boost brand awareness.

Voisin and Boni-Soir had previously run the same contest, but in 2017 Camden was tasked with developing two separate concepts for deployment on both digital and traditional media channels.

  • Sobeys publicité gagner un voyage à Hawaï Camden
  • Sobeys publicité des cadeaux tombés du ciel Camden
  • Sobeys publicité des cadeaux tombés du ciel laptop Camden
  • Sobeys publicité des cadeaux tombés du ciel affiche Camden

Simple logistics, big impact

Spring is contest season, and it can be tough to stand out from the pack of competitors vying for entries from overlapping audiences. We knew the concept and content should pack a punch.

We also knew that both the in-store and grand prize components should be easy for participants to understand and enter. When it comes to contests, too many “moving parts" can pull down engagement.

Our three-pronged approach focused on simple logistics, high visibility for the stores' flagship products and a crystal clear summertime theme.

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Sobeys publicité des cadeaux tombés du ciel Camden

Cadeaux tombés du ciel

Voisin's “Cadeaux tombés du ciel” (Gifts from above) featured 125,000 instant in-store prizes and a 4-person trip to Greece.

The campaign skewed toward a younger crowd, with characters and dialogue that would resonate with that target.

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Sobeys - Spa ou sport publicité Camden

Spa ou sport

Boni Soir went to bat with "Spa ou Sport" (Spa or sports). Built around fun and relaxation for both male and female targets – the hallmarks of summer pleasures.

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