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Building a solid HR campaign


Lécuyer is a family-owned business founded in 1956 that manufactures a wide range of pre-cast concrete products.

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More than a job

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Not only were Canadian companies like Lécuyer dealing with a widespread labour shortage, but they faced the added difficulty of industrial trades being a hard sell to prospective applicants.

The concrete manufacturer realized it would have to develop an appealing employer brand to nab – and keep – new hires, so they turned to Camden for a strategic and creative vision that could bust some trade myths and help the brand shine.

Camden’s analysts established two core campaign messages. The first centered on teamwork, emphasizing Lécuyer’s down-to-earth, unifying work environment. The second would promote a steady Lécuyer career path in a sector often pegged as a gig ecosystem (or “just a job”).

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Authenticity (for real)

Visuals aligned with Lecuyer’s authentic team culture supported our core message while instilling trust and putting the company's employees at the heart of the HR campaign.

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A good investment

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Camden’s cross-platform effort helped Lécuyer convey its new employer brand and recruit staff within a 60 km radius of the plant.

Facebook Ads, content creation, display in sports venues, career fair kiosks, ads and advertorials in local newspapers: our media planners a optimized every dollar to create a rock-solid HR campaign.

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