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Mint - A Fresh Approach for Mint

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A fresh approach for Mint


Based out of Montpellier, France, Mint’s guiding mission has been corporate social responsibility since its creation in 1999. First listed on the Alternext stock exchange in 2006, Mint continues to promote sustainable social and environmental growth through its network of eco-friendly services: Mint Énergie, Mint Mobile and Mint Solaire.

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The future is green

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French energy provider Mint turned to us to head up their rebranding campaign. Pushing their green messaging and local connection, they aimed to expand their presence in the already competitive energy industry with their solar and mobile offerings.

A little goes a long way

Mint’s mission, besides saving the planet, was to provide affordable, clean energy for all. The campaign was designed to get people excited about the brand’s three new services: Mint Énergie, Mint Mobile and Mint Solaire.

  • Mint Énergie, Mint Mobile and Mint Solaire
  • Mint Énergie, Mint Mobile and Mint Solaire
  • Mint Énergie, Mint Mobile and Mint Solaire
  • Mint Énergie, Mint Mobile and Mint Solaire
  • Mint Énergie, Mint Mobile and Mint Solaire

Mint goes digital

The rebranding campaign started with an intuitive redesign of the website. With the goal of targeting a wider audience, expanding the digital touchpoints was the first step in ensuring the message was heard loud and clear.

We turned to social media to get the word out, relying on a comprehensive digital campaign aimed at sharing the energy provider’s green messaging through motion design videos, 3D visuals, and GIFs.

  • green messaging
  • green messaging
  • green messaging
  • green messaging

Towards greener pastures

The sustained push to establish Mint’s new brand identity led to a growth in site traffic thanks to highly precise targeting that increased conversion rates while lowering the CPA by 60%. 3D visuals on social media contributed to the ongoing transformation, and increased interactions on Facebook and Instagram.

Working in collaboration with the Toronto office, we revised the brand’s previous strategy for digital acquisition. While Mint doubled its PR investments during the pandemic, the new strategy required selectively targeting different audiences. Results spoke for themselves and our bold approach reinjected the French brand with a fresh new energy.

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