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Villa Maria High School

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A digital-driven journey to no. 1

Villa Maria High School

Villa Maria high school is a co-ed private school that delivers personalized support in a motivating bilingual environment.

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First choice

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We helped Villa Maria launch a shiny new brand platform in 2015. For 2016, we planned to build on the previous year’s success with a strong focus on digital.

Our strategy was to continue our ascent toward a family’s “first choice” position as they ranked Montreal high schools while reminding them that Villa Maria had gone co-ed (BOYS WELCOME!)

We would do that with content marketing, programmatic advertising and SEO/SEM, with some traditional media tactics thrown in, specifically in Montreal’s weekly and daily newspapers.

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Virtual Tour

Useful storytelling

We capped off our plan by adding an immersive campus tour to the website.

The tour combined videos with an actual map, allowing visitors to click from site to site across the school, following a student as she showed her new classmate around. By overlapping meaningful storytelling and useful information in one browsable, user-friendly package, we did more than boost page views—we kept people’s attention.

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Villa Maria High School

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