L'agence de publicité et de communication Camden Lyon offre des services intégrés


It’s rare to find a genuinely full-service agency with expertise in each department. It’s even rarer for those services to be underpinned by business insights that help focus the content we create – all designed to bring clients out of their comfort zone and into the winner’s circle.

Camden advertising team of experts help brands stand out

Working together to make brands better

Camden helps courageous brands stand up and stand out. It starts with a magnifying glass, as we gain deep understanding of the client’s business situation and environment. Thanks to our full-service model, we deploy a strategic and creative vision that covers every point of contact to ensure consistency across contexts and platforms. And we do it all in English and French. As an independent, international advertising agency headquartered in Montreal – a multicultural, bilingual market that won’t settle for word-to-word translation – we’ve cultivated a holistic approach to cross-cultural communication that leverages our taste for upstream research and strategic creation.

Nothing beats home cooking. We produce everything in-house. Our simmering pot of cross-disciplinary talent helps us deliver a top-notch creative product while jettisoning pesky go-betweens who drive up costs (and hold the salt). Having all our experts under one roof is a strong advantage for our clients. Beyond synergy and efficiency, our departments have real chemistry in the kitchen – powering striking campaigns that make a mark.

We developed the Camden framework around four key service hubs in Montreal, Toronto, Hong Kong and Lyon. Our comprehensive service offering helps organizations shape powerful branded experiences – in local markets as well as internationally.

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