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Imaginer une identité visuelle et une signature évocatrice requiert l’expertise d’une agence de branding créative.


A brand is more than a logo or a visual platform – it's a promise, a feeling, a unique, trusted connection that needs to stand out from the crowd. Building a brand from scratch or giving a brand a makeover requires more than simple creativity or graphic design skills. Camden is a strategic and creative branding agency. We build brands using a proprietary process called the Branding Iceberg, which involves clients directly in design-thinking-inspired workshops that are both fun and insightful. This is challenging work, but it's worth it. Because the brands we create, define and express are meaningful, attractive and enduring. They can be adapted to every touchpoint that matters for any organization. The outcome? A valuable asset that helps a business grow.

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Brand strategy

Before we get our creative juices flowing, we need to analyze and position. A brand must reflect a strategic vision, stand out from the competition and, above all, it must resonate and establish itself in the minds of its audience. This only happens when you do your homework in the early stages of a branding mandate. Whether it's qualitative or quantitative research, diagnostics, competitive analysis (sometimes using tech tools and even artificial intelligence) when the strategy phase of a branding project is done properly, it produces a clearly defined sandbox for our creative talent to explore. It almost sounds counterintuitive, but a nailed-on strat gives free reign to creative expression.

  • Service de branding de l'agence de publicité Camden : l'équipe de Branding en création de logo et d'identité visuelle
  • Brand identity

    Logo, visual identity, slogan, brand extensions, tone, adaptability... a brand identity must be coherent across all touchpoints and adhere to strictly defined guidelines. Because in the end, it needs to have an impact on audiences by staying consistently recognizable over years, even decades. At Camden, our strategists, designers and art directors will deploy your brand to its full potential across all platforms, and we'll give you tools such as an inspiring manifesto video and a clear, concise brand book to make sure that it keeps on shining as brightly as possible.

  • Création de nouvelle image de marque par le service de branding de l'agence de publicité Camden
  • Brand refresh

    Camden is a branding agency that does more than just create brands. In today's fast-paced world, a brand can look outdated or go a bit stale after only a few years. Whether you want to give it a new lease on life or an extreme makeover, Camden will do what it takes to make your brand the authentic embodiment of your organization's purpose and DNA.

  • La direction artistique au service d'un positionnement et des valeurs d'entreprise uniques : le service de branding de l'agence de publicité Camden
  • Employer brand

    As the labour shortage hits hard, agencies often talk about employer branding like it's a silver bullet. But at Camden we know that it goes far beyond a recruitment campaign, and it's definitely not just a slogan, let alone a positioning statement. So what exactly is it? It's a whole toolbox of HR communications resources that are derived from your brand, consistent with your brand and designed to improve retention as well as hiring. Employer branding is a promise that is conveyed throughout the entire employee experience cycle, from outreach to interviews, to everyday workplace realities and even exit management. At Camden, our experts work together to develop creative, differentiated and truly compelling employer brands. And then our in-house production and media teams deploy them and adjust targeting to ensure their effectiveness. Camden is an agency with over 20 years' experience in employer branding and HR marketing.

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