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Moving friendly faces online


Voisin is a neighbourhood store brand developed by Sobeys Quebec, with over 100 independent retailers.

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Getting social

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Social media presence is key for today’s brands. But what should that presence look like? What should it do?

Voisin’s merchants pride themselves on the neighbourly trust they’ve nurtured with the communities they serve, and the time had come to bring that dynamic online–where busy Quebecers spend a huge part of their day. 

Voisin was about to get social, and Camden would need to translate that friendly Voisin smile into killer social content to keep the brand top of mind.

Now, no matter what

Our copywriters, strategists and community managers work together to identify opportunities in the media landscape and develop compelling content that connects with consumers wherever they are. From new products and trends to established local traditions, it’s all about presence—being here, now, no matter what.

A friendly face

A good social strategy forges strong, lifelong relationships between consumers and their favourite brands. So we gave the “faces” of Voisin top billing. 

Behind the counter, scrolling a feed–the experience remains the same: a friendly face, a helpful neighbour.

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