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HRVST Limited

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Tending the seeds of market disruption


HRVST Limited is a vertical farming technology startup that designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains large-scale growing systems.

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Fertile ground

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HRVST approached Camden in early 2019, as the demand for alternative farming solutions was on the rise. The vertical farming startup had the tech and a solid client base, but knew they'd need a brand presence and marketing materials to stay ahead in a hot market. 

We saw it as a golden opportunity to build “from the ground up” and deploy a branding strategy that would situate HRVST as a leader in vertical farming innovation.

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HRVST a approché Camden

Room to grow

Every household name starts with extensive research and analysis to establish a clear, memorable brand and craft a brand story that conveys value.

Who is HRVST right now? How does HRVST want to be perceived? These questions would lead us down the path of understanding and discovery (with a few new questions scattered along the way).

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HRVST and Camden

Growing the future

Based on insights drawn from research and stakeholder interviews, we redefined HRVST’s brand story to position the company as a global leader in vertical farming innovation and highlight its disruptive role in the global food and agriculture market – a narrative driven by the tagline “Growing the future.”

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HRVST Growing the future


The creative team took inspiration from the company’s vertically stacked growing structures and purple-toned LED lighting system to develop a logo concept and visual identity that captures the essence of HRVST while standing out in an ever-expanding vertical farming landscape. 

The result is an attention-grabbing logo that fuses technology and nature while evoking forward momentum.

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L’essence de HRVST

Branch out

Camden also developed the HRVST website and marketing collateral, including brochures, business cards and corporate stationery.

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