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Collège André-Grasset

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1001 ways to achieve your dreams

Collège André-Grasset

Collège André-Grasset is a private college with a mission to prepare its students for university studies.

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Exceeding expectations

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The year is 2016, and Collège André-Grasset has seen a steady decline in applications over the past couple of years. Hoping to increase open house visits and admissions, this private post-secondary institution turned to Camden to develop a recruitment strategy and campaign concept.

Relying on our past experience in the education sector, we developed a communications strategy based on the insight that students want to find a place where they belong. We exceeded our client’s expectations with an interactive digital campaign that even won an Ad Club award in Toronto.

More than a promise

The 1001 ways to achieve your dreams tagline embodies Collège André-Grasset's mission of inspiring through high-quality training programs designed to guide students along their chosen career paths while encouraging self-expression. The tagline plays on the college's address, 1001 Crémazie Street East, and the campaign features proud students standing in the foreground of an eye-catching light painting display, meant to represent free and spontaneous expression.

Creating an experience

Camden's creative and media departments deployed a precisely targeted campaign for the school’s open house in subway stations and bus shelters identified as being most likely to be used by potential students. We used GPS coordinates to geo-target the smartphones of young people visiting these locations during rush hour. 

The objective was to provide a "lifestyle" quiz that surveyed potential students about their interests and aspirations. Based on their answers, the students were matched to the college program that best fit their profile. They were then invited to discover the program at the open house, and retargeted with program-specific advertisements. 

Making an impression

This display of inventiveness was awarded in the Mobile Integration category at the 2017 Out of Home Showdown in Toronto, and that year's open house events also saw a record number of attendees. Unconventional media also helped maximize the impact of the campaign : decals that replaced traditional floor signs in selected subway stations grabbed the attention of commuters and also provoked a few smiles !

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