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Fighting inaction with interaction

Opération Placement Jeunesse

Founded in 1982, Opération Placement Jeunesse (OPJ) is a non-profit organization providing professional and social services young people aged 16 to 30.

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Building connections

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In 2015, Opération Placement Jeunesse (OPJ) had been helping young people find steady employment for over 30 years, but were barely known by the employers and youth the organization sought to connect. 

What OPJ needed was an effective awareness campaign and a clear message. Camden would help them get there. 

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Opération Placement Jeunesse, Camden

Facing up to prejudice

We knew the young people who requested OPJ services were ready and willing to enter the workforce as soon as possible – that wasn’t an issue. The problem was more likely on the side of employers and society at large, whose conscious or unconscious prejudices can act as a barrier to youth employment. 

Our strategy? Finding a high-impact way to face up to prejudice – literally.

Attention and action

We built our strategy around a wildposting campaign that would dial up emotional engagement and incite action from passers-by who hadn’t seen it coming. In short, we wanted people to spend some time with the advertiser and with the kids they help.

  • Opération Placement Jeunesse, Camden
  • Opération Placement Jeunesse, Camden
  • Opération Placement Jeunesse, Camden

Seeing is believing

For three weeks, a slew of 6'x4' posters popped up in strategic Montreal locations for optimal visibility. The posters encouraged people to literally rip away their biases and discover the real face of young job-seekers.

We supported the campaign with Facebook content, including video footage of the posters in action.

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