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Intact Assurance Camden Montréal

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Doling out some friendly competition

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is the largest provider of home, auto and business insurance in Canada, with over four million clients.

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We’ve been working with Intact Insurance for over 15 years on B2B campaigns aimed at Quebec brokerages. 
Gamification is a great way to keep brokers informed without weighing down their workday. And this was one of those projects.

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Intact Assurance Camden publicité Montréal

Battle of the… brokers?

Who could forget Battle of the Bands, featuring groups who competed head-to-head for the title of “best band”? We took that concept and carried it over to the world of insurance, where brokers spend years picking up new strategies for approaching clients, understanding program features – and gathering advice on how to close those sales.

In a world of handy tips, we wanted the best tip to win. We called it Tip Showdown. 

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Intact Assurance Camden publicité Montréal

Tip Showdown

Two experienced brokers went head-to-head, each recording short videos explaining their best sales tips. We developed a microsite to house those videos, along with a voting system. 

Brokers watched two of those videos each week for a month and voted for the tip they liked best. With ballots cast in real time, colleagues watched the numbers tick away, rooting for their favourite contestant to win it all (and picking up some great advice along the way).

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Intact Assurance Camden publicité Montréal

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