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In Toronto, one of North America’s largest urban centers experiencing rapid demographic growth, Camden has been a presence since 2017, deeply integrated into the local reality of the Queen City. Our office thrives in a hypercompetitive market where SMEs and corporate headquarters converge. It serves as a gateway to Canada, the United States, and the rest of the Americas for clients worldwide aiming to penetrate a pivotal economic arena.

Camden Toronto
Camden Toronto

Our expanding team, based in our Junction neighborhood office amidst the city's industrial renaissance, is dedicated to delivering agile, integrated solutions tailored to a high-velocity market. Camden in Toronto embodies ambition and raw talent in action, with experienced strategists, seasoned designers, and a real-time adaptability to client challenges.

Camden Toronto

The Startup

In Toronto, our startup spirit, goal-oriented creativity, and commitment to measurable outcomes infuse an atmosphere that resonates throughout our independent international agency.

Camden Toronto


  • Thomas Magny
    Thomas Magny
    Vice President, Creation, Partner

  • Marie-Michèle Jacques
    Marie-Michèle Jacques
    CFO, Camden network

  • Guillaume Savard
    Guillaume Savard
    Director, account service

  • Mathieu Bédard
    Mathieu Bédard
    CEO, Camden network


Business Development
Thomas Magny

Press Relations
Guillaume Savard

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