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Unveiling the Canadian economy's best kept secret

Port de Montréal

Operated by the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), the Port of Montreal is the largest port in Eastern Canada and the only container port on the St. Lawrence.

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Hidden gems

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Cruise ships, train tracks, narrow cobblestoned streets and abandoned grain silos dot the easternmost shoreline of the Island of Montreal. These are the hallmarks of the city’s historical tourist district, tucked between downtown skyscrapers and multimedia disruptors.

But the Port of Montreal is also a busy international container port handling over 38 million tonnes of containerized and bulk cargo from more than 140 countries. It’s Canada’s second-largest port and a major player in the Canadian economy.

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Helming the message

Camden had produced several annual reports for the Port of Montreal, so in 2017 they asked us to produce a video that would show Canadians how the Port contributes to their everyday lives.

The challenge? Fitting facts, stats, projects, people, beauty shots and drone footage into a tight 4-minute video that would explain, engage and entertain – for English- and French-speaking audiences!

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Ship different

We sent a crew to the Port, where they donned hard hats and security gear, climbing and exploring the towers, traintracks and container yards with Port Authority employees.

Back at the Camden offices, our motion designers, copywriters and production department worked closely with the Port to deliver an appealing, well-paced film the client could use across platforms for years to come. And reminding Canadians how the Port of Montreal provides them with all the little pleasures that connect us to the world.

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