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Giving a local non‑profit, and young job seekers, a welcome boost


Island of Montreal CJEs provide young people aged 16 to 35 with the tools they need to enter and succeed in the job market.

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In 2018, Montreal CJE centres needed help reaching their two main client segments: young people between the ages of 16 and 24 without a high school diploma, and unemployed graduates aged 2535. So they asked Camden to build the multi-channel ad campaign that would get the word out.

We came up with a creative platform that leverages the technologically ubiquitous thunderbolt to evoke the very human need for an occasional charge. It was a KISS-principle concept we could deploy on a wide range of platforms in any format, with a centrepiece Spotify ad to grab a few ears.

  • Montreal CJE centres
  • Montreal CJE centres


Smart geotargeting, along with mobile-friendly designs and tactics, helped us reach our target wherever they were, first with a digital banner campaign, then with a landing page redirecting them to their local CJE.

That’s how, with sharp focus and meticulous precision, we brought the CJE promise to bright young people across the island of Montreal who just needed a boost.

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