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Where social ads meet content

Espace Plomberium

A division of Deschênes & Fils, Espace Plomberium consists of five boutiques specializing in quality plumbing products.

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Home sweet home

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With Quebecers spending more on home improvements in 2020, Camden was asked by high-end plumbing fixtures retailer Espace Plomberium to help potential clients make the right choice when they’re ready to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom.

We created an ad campaign for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest that illustrated how, with Espace Plomberium’s expert advice, decor ideas can become eye-catching reality.

Double duty

When it comes to faucets, vanities, showers and tubs, Espace Plomberium boasts an impressive array of products and a wealth of expertise. 

With so much to say and show, we opted to put branded content to work, conveying our key messages while also guiding consumers through common home upgrades and fixes. 

Ten short tutorial videos presented by cabinetmaker and TV host Jean-François Éthier, delivered relevant content in a bite-sized format to consumers in the research (or “poking around online”) phase of their project, with plenty of room to promote partner brands.

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