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Guiding an IT leader to new markets


As trusted advisors and strategic partners to organizations in a wide range of fields, Alithya designs innovative, elegant solutions for complex digital integration and business challenges. 

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When Quebec-based IT leader Alithya prepared its entry into NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) following the acquisition of US-based Edgewater Technology, the firm asked Camden to navigate a clear path through this tricky brand transition. 

Alithya had significant market share and strong brand positioning in Canada, but they were looking to grow the business in the US and get an awareness boost. The "new" Alithya would also need to build brand equity, send a strong message to markets and retain the trust of their partners.

Gathering data

We started by carrying out a strategic analysis of Alithya’s existing and future brand portfolio, including the relative resonance of each brand with stakeholders and audiences. Interviews were conducted with executive management in Canada and the US to determine viewpoints and expectations covering a variety of business needs and market contexts.

  • strategic analysis of Alithya’s existing and future brand portfolio
  • strategic analysis of Alithya’s existing and future brand portfolio

The new Alithya

Brand transition strategies influence how personnel, customers, strategic partners, suppliers, investors and analysts will react – they can affect everything from immediate market reaction to post-transaction performance.

Camden's transitional branding recommendations established a consolidation process for the recently acquired Edgewater brands, repositioned the “new Alithya” within an ever-changing IT market, and set out a brand integration roadmap for future acquisitions. 

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new Alithya

Stronger, smarter

Our brand strategists worked closely with the client to turn Alithya’s complex and evolving brand architecture into an inspiring brand story that rallied stakeholders around a common vision while easing the flow of information across internal and external channels.

In addition to new messaging, Camden created the tagline “Stronger business. Smarter solutions.” to reinforce Alithya’s position as a trusted advisor in large-scale digital technology projects. 

A brochure, style guide and first Annual Report were then developed to support Alithya’s ongoing marketing activities.

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A brochure, style guide and first Annual Report

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