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Social, by definition, is a brand's ability to create meaningful connections that drive relevance, emotion and yes, conversion. At Camden, it's about communicating the essence and purpose of a brand in all its facets according to a solid game plan. Social media is evolving in real time. Yesterday's practices will be obsolete tomorrow, so the best way to market on social and owned media (newsletters, blogs, etc.) is to keep things flexible. A single person, no matter how talented, cannot produce content for the entire range of social media. Camden, whether we're doing strategy, copywriting, design, photography, video production, motion design or community management, is a social agency where experts who work together every day produce the very best content. Because when the rubber hits the road, it's all about enabling your brand to challenge its sector and its audiences. And beyond that, to maximize its relevance and meaning for its followers, while generating maximum marketing performance.  

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Social media strategy

Before taking the plunge into social media, you need to prepare and plan with clear objectives. At Camden, everything social starts with strategy. If you want your brand positioning and values to be respected and reflected in the creative that we post and publish on your behalf, a clear playbook is essential. And what does that playbook contain? Identifying the appropriate channels and types of content, publication frequency, visual style, and the copywriting tone and manner that we will use when we roll out your branded ads and content. It also requires striking a balance between different kinds of content, leaving plenty of room for creatively reacting to feedback. Inspired strategic planning will ensure that you engage your audiences using the language and visual codes specific to the social media they love, giving your brand an always-on meaningful relationship with its fans.

  • Services médias sociaux de l'agence de publicité Camden : création de contenu pour la marque
  • Content creation

    Your social media communities appreciate high-quality posts, pics and videos. And your brand's credibility depends on professional, on-point content. So how can you make sure you hit that sweet spot? At Camden, content creation is a discipline on a par with advertising and branding. We have dedicated writers, designers, photographers, motion designers, video and filmmakers, community managers, who all adhere to upstream strategic planning and brand guidelines. Whether on location, in the studio or on the client's premises, it's not just a matter of producing beautiful content, but effective content with consistent appeal. What lies at the heart of this stream of great posts and digital ads? The passion of our craftspeople, who focus their skills in design, photo, video and audio production to help your brand shine on social.

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  • Community management

    Interacting with your communities on social media is an opportunity to create closer relationships and amplify your brand's unique features. These communities should never be taken for granted. With Camden as your agency, you'll have access to experts who are steeped in social culture, who will help grow your communities and, more importantly, increase engagement with your brand, whichever social networks you use. Every interaction is an opportunity. Being smart and reactive is key, but so is a detailed knowledge of your brand and the ecosystem in which it operates, as well as the wider social issues and contexts that may intersect with it. These are professional skills, and at Camden you can see them for yourself on our clients' accounts on Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

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  • Influence marketing

    Humans respond to other humans with whom they share certain identity traits. Sounds like an anthropology course? Well, social influence is scientifically proven, so sometimes to reach and convert audiences requires leveraging the apeal of influencers. Whether it's big stars with millions of followers or nano-influencers who stand out in niche communities, influence marketing is all about choosing the right levers that don't distort your brand, its values, your service, your product or your mission. Authenticity is often an overused term, but the fact remains that when an influencer is truly passionate about a brand, it shows.

  • Services médias sociaux de l'agence de publicité Camden
  • Measurement and performance

    In social media, as with all marketing, failure to measure means failure to deliver. Camden's teams are certified by all the major tech platforms to gather and interpret insightful metrics on how your social media campaigns are performing. We configure your dashboards and reports to make them clear and easy to understand. This allows us to adjust your campaigns in real time and gives you total confidence in the decision-making process. Our experts work in close collaboration with our clients, not only because it's our professional duty to be fully transparent, but also to ensure that the data we share with you becomes fuel to attain your objectives.

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