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Combining beauty and intrigue for consumer appeal


Centura is one of the largest distributors of wall and floor coverings in Canada.

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Household name?

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Often chosen, barely known: an insight that came as no surprise to wall and floor coverings specialist Centura.

Positioned for architects, designers and retailers, Centura decided to change course in 2019, embarking on a strategic shift that would promote the brand to consumers – and put a name to the company's products.

Camden kicked off the major transition by tackling the brand's positioning, with a thorough strategic analysis and a new tagline: “Trusted by designers.” The path was clear: build on Centura's solid B2B reputation to establish brand credibility in the B2C space.

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Centura Camden Montreal

Designer's choice

This gave rise to a 30-second ad that cast a new light on Centura’s product offering, positioning the company as a “designer’s choice” source of sophisticated materials. Building on the idea of intrigue, with design-specific terminology and slick art direction, our cross-disciplinary team crafted an evocative message with real target appeal.

  • Centura Camden Montreal
  • Centura Camden Montreal
  • Centura Camden Montreal
  • Centura Camden Montreal
  • Centura Camden Montreal


Our two-pronged media strategy leveraged the TOU.TV platform and programmatic advertising using banner ads. We capped it off with a full screen in La Presse+ and an advertorial, producing rich, relevant content to reach our targets.

  • Centura Camden Montreal
  • Centura Camden Montreal
la Pensée rebelle

“This opportunity to strategize a retail brand awareness campaign from the ground up was truly inspiring.

As for the ad itself, Camden’s teams in Montreal and Lyon did a fantastic job creating an intriguing atmosphere that attracts viewer attention while staying 100% aligned with the brand promise.”

John Dutton, VP Creation

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