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HR marketing


HR marketing includes services such as employer branding, business sector or territory HR marketing, student marketing and employee experience improvement. Camden has developed its expertise as a specialist HR marketing agency for over 15 years across a range of sectors by finding the sweet spot where human resources meets communications, branding, demand creation, media and content strategy. We believe that complex disciplines such as HR marketing require the extensive skill set that only an expert agency can provide. At Camden, we pride ourselves in helping our clients deal with labour shortages brought about by the “great resignation” and other factors. Our agility allows us to make things happen quickly after gaining a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Whatever the HR marketing situation, our clients have seen first-hand how our dedication and diversification produce solid returns on investment.

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Employer branding

Employer branding is on everyone's lips. But what exactly is an employer brand? It's a refocusing of your brand specifically for recruitment and retention purposes. It is a unique promise, delivered concretely across the entire employee life-cycle – in other words, every time and everywhere they interact with their employer. It is a concept, a state of mind, and a tone of voice. You can think of it as a distillation of the meaningful career path your employees will travel with you, and the benefits they will reap along the way. As a specialist employer branding agency for over 15 years, Camden has developed a unique proprietary program that serves as a roadmap and ensures that the employer brand we create is relevant, differentiated and delivers results. The work we do can involve client representatives and a panel of employees in a series of design thinking workshops that are more like fun exchanges than working sessions! Once this is done, we act fast, starting with a realistic dissection and diagnosis of the employee experience, then moving on to a definition of the HR positioning, including the creation of the employer brand and strategic communications planning. This is key, not only for boosting your appeal to qualified potential employees, but also for increasing current employee retention. What do you get with Camden? 100% commitment from our HR specialists, analysts, strategists, creatives and media experts, all working in-house and in close collaboration.   

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  • Business sector and territory HR marketing

    As we all know, labour shortages and the “great resignation” are affecting some industries and regions more than others. In these types of situations, no single organization can fix things by itself. There's strength in numbers. That's why associations, groups, professional bodies, regional structures or federations have an interest in developing common HR marketing strategies to help their members. As a specialist HR marketing and employer branding agency, Camden positions sectors or regions and then leverages their unique characteristics to create and deploy major awareness, outreach and recruitment campaigns. This only works when the agency begins by gaining a deep and authentic understanding of the business sector or region. This is then filtered through the lens of employee benefits to boost its HR appeal by reaching local, national and often international audiences with inspirational reasons-to-believe. How does Camden do this? By focusing the dedication and skill of our in-house HR specialists, analysts, strategists, creatives and media experts in every project we work on.

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  • Student marketing

    As with employer branding or sectoral and territorial HR marketing, student marketing aims to reach a specific target: this time, Gen Z – current students and recent graduates. Doing this successfully requires a firm grasp of their behaviour, their cultural references, their digital media consumption, and above all, an understanding of the subtle currents that drive their social interactions. Camden has been a specialist student marketing agency for over 15 years. What makes us your best partner for your student marketing campaigns? Our smart, youth-savvy strategists and creatives who work in tandem with our digital media department, all fueled by our applied philosophy of Pivotal Thinking.

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  • Employee experience and retention

    The best and most affordable strategy is often to play defence. Where HR marketing and employer branding is concerned, it makes sense to focus on developing a unique and compelling employee experience before investing in employer branding. At Camden, we can help you get a clear picture of where you stand right now, where you need to improve, and deliver recommendations to improve the quality of your employees' day-to-day lives. The outcome? Improved employee retention rates. Lower churn. Sometimes details can make all the difference, sometimes a radically creative solution is required. This is not about systematically questioning pay scales, but rather about making sure that your organization stays in the HR race by clearly communicating the features and benefits that make it unique in the highly competitive labour market.

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  • Camden has formed a unique partnership with talent acquisition consultancy Humanify to offer a full-spectrum HR marketing service.

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