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Villa Maria High School

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Leaving its mark

Villa Maria High School

Villa Maria high school is a co-ed private school that delivers personalized support in a motivating bilingual environment.

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We’ve worked with Villa Maria on their multi-channel ad campaigns since 2015.

In that time, we’ve refined our targeting, streamlined the user experience and developed a keen understanding of the client and their world. 

In 2019, Villa Maria asked us to think beyond open house season; they wanted us to help them shine all year long. 

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Key messages to hit: academics, innovation, faculty, bilingualism


Armed with four years of data—and good old experience—we wanted parents to spend more time with the brand. How? With compelling brand content.

We had a few key messages to hit: academics, innovation, faculty, bilingualism… How would our year-long campaign weave it all together?

  • Villa Maria High School
  • Villa Maria High School
  • Villa Maria High School
  • Villa Maria High School


We pared our messaging down to the essence of any great school: the people. Inspired by the school’s constructive student-teacher dynamic, we showed how “Villa Maria leaves its mark.”

Yearbook-inspired notes jotted over students and staff speak to the academic and personal benefits of a challenging, community-focused educational environment. The campaign also emphasized diversity and bilingualism by including notes in English and French superimposed over people from various backgrounds.

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Camden’s media service


Camden’s media service planned a campaign that was supported by a strong yearly digital presence, including SEM and social media, plus radio ads and advertorials. 

We think it left a mark.

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