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Dépendances Montréal - Quand la dépendance étouffe les voix

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When addiction
stifles voices

Dépendances Montréal
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Fondation Dépendances Montréal (FDM) is a foundation that provides financing for a rehab centre and a wide range of services supporting individuals and their families who suffer from addiction.

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An awareness boost for a low-profile charity

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Everyone is aware of how destructive addiction can be for sufferers and those around them. When the charitable foundation that runs a Montreal rehab centre asked Camden for help boosting its visibility, we challenged ourselves to create a campaign that would attract attention by taking a fresh angle on a tragic subject.

The reality is that anyone in our circle might be suffering from an addiction – a businessman might have a gambling addiction or a teacher might be drinking to excess. In other words, it’s not only homeless drug addicts who are helped when donating to FDM.

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Creative audio and
high-impact design

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Our insight? When you are gripped by an addiction, it takes over your life to such an extent that it completely blocks out your experience with those you love.

The flagship 30-second ad features a gritty domestic scene where an alcoholic mother’s inner voice drowns out dialogue with her young daughter and partner, signed with the tagline, “Addiction stifles the voices of others” (La voix de la dépendance étouffe celle des autres).

The concept was also adapted as a series of ads for online, print, and out-of-home media.

  • Dépendances Montréal - Quand la dépendance étouffe les voix
  • Dépendances Montréal - Quand la dépendance étouffe les voix

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Pivotal Thinking

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“Camden was able to understand and convey, both visually and emotionally, the cause that motivates everyone at the foundation – the one that we want to communicate to the general public: non-judgmental interventions that help people get their lives back on track, plus a degree of autonomy that will also benefit their families and friends.”

Valérie Méplon, Managing Director, Fondation Dépendances Montréal

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