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Bringing comfort and convenience home for local seniors

Le Marronnier

Le Marronnier is a family-owned seniors’ residence in Laval that provides a safe and welcoming environment where residents can truly feel at home.

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New tricks

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Can you teach an old brand new tricks?

Ask Le Marronnier, a seniors’ complex with over 1,300 units that’s been a local mainstay for 25 years. 

With a sixth high-rise ready to open its doors, the brand was due for a makeover and some shiny new communication tools to solidify Le Marronnier’s standing as a top-notch establishment for Laval families.


The seasoned branding team at our Montreal office hit the ground running. Les Marronniers became Le Marronnier—a subtle change that would go a long way in emphasizing the family-owned company’s singular nature and strong reputation.

A new tagline, “Mille et un moments” (A thousand and one moments) was also introduced, conveying variety and memory making. The goal was to articulate a unique, cohesive brand experience and language to stand out from the crowd.

  • Le Marronnier
  • Le Marronnier

Family living

The logo was completely redesigned to reflect a more holistic view of Le Marronnier’s services and character with an elegant, nature-inspired look evoking genealogy and family living.

Audiences and opportunities

A logo, a brochure, a slew of graphic applications and a photo shoot completed the rebrand, with all elements dovetailing to create an inclusive, efficient and versatile platform—a meticulous process that should carry Le Marronnier to new channels, audiences and opportunities for years to come.

  • Le Marronnier - Brochure
  • Le Marronnier - Brochure

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