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Dott x Tier

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Where safety comes first


Two Dutch and German  micromobility brands have joined forces for an awareness campaign promoting e-scooter safety.

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Teaming up in Lyon for scooter safety

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After an initial campaign in Paris, European scooter-sharing brands Dott and Tier teamed up for an urban safety campaign targeting users in Lyon. It’s estimated that e-scooter accidents injure around 2,000 of the city’s inhabitants every year, often the result of a lack of awareness of basic safety guidelines.

  • Dott x Tier
  • Dott x Tier

Safety first for Lyon’s scooter users

The citizens of Lyon love their city every bit as much as Parisians do theirs. And e-scooters are just as popular as a means of getting around the city’s beautiful streets. But do riders really know the basic rules for sharing the paths and pavements as safely as possible?

Camden’s creative team in Lyon built an awareness campaign around instantly recognizable local landmarks to make sure the message would hit home with Lyon’s urbanites. 

  • Dott x Tier

Illustrations by Anaïs Lefebvre

For the campaign to hit home, we needed to find the sweet spot where messaging and visuals meet. We brought renowned French illustrator Anaïs Lefebvre on board to create five original illustrations, each paired with a different photo of Lyon and a specific safety message. The eye-catching images were the perfect vehicle (pun intended!) to help get the point across, without the typical PSA finger-wagging.

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Right message, right time, right place

Lyon’s mobility week 2022 took place in mid-September, and the campaign’s five visuals were displayed on 320 out-of-home placements across the municipal territory, with 114 of them in high-density areas. Not only have the ubiquitous Dott and Tier brands demonstrated their commitment to French road safety, they cemented an ongoing relationship built on trust with the city of Lyon.

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