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New frontiers for a Belgian beer


Chouffe is a Belgian beer brand owned by the Duvel-Moortgat group that is instantly recognizable by its gnome in a pointy red cap.

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Chouffe’s first campaign in France

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In 2020, Chouffe called on Camden to create its first-ever media campaign in France. The gnome-themed beer had a straightforward ask: make the brand’s legendary cheeriness shine for French fans of hoppy beer!

All eyes were on us

France’s legal restrictions on ads for alcoholic beverages presented a tough challenge when it came to expressing the Chouffe brand personality. So we rolled up our sleeves (maybe drank a glass or two of Chouffe!) and explored a range of solutions.

Ultimately, Camden’s key insight was to focus on the brand essence. We  created visual concepts for different target demographics that nevertheless subtly conveyed Belgian friendliness. 

Cheers to a tasty brew!

Like gnomes, the Chouffe brand personality is unique, lighthearted, fun and friendly. There’s a wink and a smile at every touchpoint. So we went with a single word that encapsulates it all: chouffement, which in English would be “chouffely”.

This not only inspired the “Chouffement Blonde” tagline for the flagship beer, it enabled us to expand the brand toolkit by adapting it for other Chouffe products. 

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An urban brand update

Duvel-Moortgat asked us to target a more urban audience in France. Our creative solution? To make the product the hero against carefully crafted backdrops featuring shadows that evoke favourite outdoor urban drinking spots, such as patios, parks and backyards. 3D product modelling, killer art direction and an on-point tagline gave consumers and client alike ample reason to raise their glasses to Camden and Chouffe!

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