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NEOMA rethinks its brand territory with Camden

NEOMA Business School

NEOMA Business School is a prominent French business school, established in 2013 from the merger of the former Reims Management School and Rouen Business School.

With its 3 campuses (Reims, Rouen, and Paris) and its 100% virtual campus, the School offers a wide portfolio of programmes from Bachelors to Masters in Management to Executive Education, gathering more than 9,000 students. Its faculty comprises over 195 permanent professors and research teachers, with more than 73% being international.

Presided over by Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the School benefits from the status of the Consular Higher Education Establishment (EESC).

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A new brand territory to reach a new milestone.

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Camden supports NEOMA Business School, the 6th French Business School, located in Reims, Rouen, and Paris. The agency developed a new brand territory for the school with a unique identity and strong personality. This territory is extended into a first multimedia advertising campaign.

This new brand territory corresponds to a key phase in NEOMA’s evolution.

With the launch of its new strategic plan, "Engage for the Future" in 2023, the School continues its transformation and aims to establish its position as an innovative leader in youth education and executive training.

Camden thus envisioned an impactful brand territory to strengthen the NEOMA brand.

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  • Neoma
  • Neoma

A unique creative concept

The agency infused a bold tone coupled with an evolving visual concept, which is adaptable both in print and digital formats, for the brand and all of its programmes.

Bright colours, a modular graphic construction, and portraits of multicultural students — reflecting the image of the School — are the graphic elements of this new creative concept.

The agency also developed a manifesto tone and a more inspiring message with a genuine brand perspective backed by concrete evidence to assert the School's position as a leader.

This new territory allows NEOMA to emerge stronger, as well as differentiate itself from its competitors and reinforce brand recognition.

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A multimedia advertising campaign

This new brand territory has been deployed since the beginning of the year across all of NEOMA's communication mediums (brochures, roll-up banners, website, social networks, videos, emails...) and is the subject of a first national multimedia campaign in the spring (press, outdoor advertising, digital).

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