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Puma TRC

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Iconic footwear jumps forward in time


PUMA Basketball is the basketball division of the multinational shoe and sportswear company.

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PUMA takes off again

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2022 saw the addition of the Ayayi brothers and sister to PUMA’s extended family of pro athletes. This was followed by the relaunch of the brand’s iconic Trinomic Blaze basketball shoes.

Brand heritage

To promote the launch of the new model, PUMA asked Camden to create a digital-first campaign featuring one of basketball’s rising stars, Killian Hayes. And since the Trinomic technology first boosted players’ performance on-court during the 1980s, what better way to support the relaunch than a throwback video?

  • Puma TRC
  • Puma TRC
  • Puma TRC
  • Puma TRC
  • Puma TRC

A pop culture slam dunk

The 1980s saw the rise of the NBA, with superstar talents such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Hakeem Olajuwon. 1990’s popular culture revolved around the hip-hop beats of Tupac, Dr. Dre and the Wu-Tang Clan alongside the nascent World Wide Web and hit video games. These retro touchpoints all feature in the video montage that Camden created to highlight PUMA’s pop culture influence over the last 40 years.

The high-energy edit remixes iconic imagery from the 80s, such as VCRs, ghettoblasters and o.g. gaming consoles… climaxing with a slam dunk from one of the next-gen basketball stars, Killian Hayes.

Image en-tête
Puma TRC

The PUMA trend zeitgeist

Camden’s creatives worked closely with PUMA’s teams in Lyon and Paris, who delved into their video archives for footage to fuel this crazy collision of popculture images.

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