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French eyewear and fashion know-how

Opal Demetz

Opal Demetz is the European leader in eyeglass frames for children and teens, the French leader in discount eyewear, and now a major player in adult frames. Opal Demetz is also an expert in the sports segment, with glasses and masks designed specifically for athletic use.

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A collab with a clear vision

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Opal Demetz wanted to advertise a capsule collection produced in collaboration with clothing brand Saint James, so the French eyewear manufacturer asked Camden to create a video based on values that both brands share: eco-conscious know-how and a sustainable vision for the industry.

Poetic storytelling and soulful seashores

The Normandy shoreline around Mont St. Michel in France is wild, romantic and also the home of iconic Saint James nautical knitwear. What better setting to tell an inspirational story and showcase frames from Opal Demetz’s new collection? Both brands are renowned for their craftsmanship and sustainable ethos, so the video takes viewers on a journey featuring expert eyewear manufacturing and knitting workshops in homage to the authentic soul behind these products. 

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