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STH 1 - Relever les épices dans les épiceries !

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Spicing things up in Canadian grocery stores

Meilleures Marques

For more than 50 years, Groupe St‑Hubert has been offering a wide range of products in grocery stores. As Meilleures Marques, the company also distributes several other food products from well-known brands across Canada.

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A big idea for barbecue season

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Camden has been working with Meilleur Marques since 2019 on the company's popular St-Hubert, Montana’s and Swiss Chalet grocery store brands. Barbecue season was the perfect time to get the word out about the St-Hubert line of sauces and spices, so we produced premium hero photography, designed an in-store product display and danglers, then got to work on strategizing ways to attract eyeballs.

The big idea? A contest with three grand prizes of a wood-fired oven that master barbecuers across Quebec would find impossible to resist! We bought a full-page ad in celebrity chef Ricardo’s print magazine, displayed ads on, and launched a programmatic ad campaign targeting Ricardo fans on Facebook and YouTube.

A cool contest with a hot prize

We designed and produced a contest landing page that put products front and centre while making entering as easy as a shake of a steak spice bottle.

By constantly optimizing the campaign while it was running we were able to surpass our impressions target by 80% with an astonishing conversion rate of 47.87%

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Bringing Swiss Chalet into Ontario homes

When legendary Canadian restaurant brand Swiss Chalet launched its hearty canned soups in Ontario grocery stores, Camden came up with a strategy to maximize product awareness. First up was an online influencer campaign to reach targeted users of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Then the key to ongoing success was a contest that retargeted users who interacted with the social media ads, ensuring brand lift and in-store conversion.

Over 10,000 email addresses were collected through contest entries, which surpassed KPIs by 508%. Not only that, but organic impressions for the influencer campaign garnered over 1 million impressions. The only problem? Stores had trouble keeping up with demand!

Making pies the main message for Montana’s

When Montana’s famous Salisbury meat pot pies appeared in Canadian grocery stores, Meilleures Marques needed to let fans of the brand know, and Camden came up with a super-efficient solution. Targeted 6-second pre-roll ads were created in-house with a text message concept and fun sound design. 

Normally we’d say that the proof is in the pudding, but with Montana’s the proof was in the pie, with the launch campaign surpassing expectations.

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