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Helping hands


The Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS) includes sixteen colleges and universities as well as four regional partners from French communities in minority contexts in Canada. Together with the National Secretariat of the CNFS, their actions aim to improve access to social and health services for official language minority communities, in particular by increasing access to health training programs.

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Breaking through the clutter

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As a pan-Canadian consortium aiming to provide greater access to health training in French, the CNFS needed to get the word out to a francophone audience of high school students, university undergraduates and professionals seeking to reorient their careers. With a limited budget in comparison with other advertisers, Camden had to find a strategy that would give the client much-needed visibility in a cluttered advertising landscape.

Listening and learning

We started by researching our target audience and holding a series of workshops with students, graduates and currently employed professionals. We listened and learned. The main insight to emerge from these sessions was that people who are interested in working in the field of mental health are driven by the desire to help others. And this is where we came up with the idea of helping hands. The creative expression of this concept had the additional benefit of being relatable for all viewers by avoiding showing the faces of specific sufferers.

Meaningful and effective

The resulting three-ad series is visually arresting and emotionally meaningful. The calls-to-action appeal to viewers who recognize within themselves their desire to help others suffering from mental health issues. As the labour shortage was being felt across Canada, this campaign was an effective tool to improve visibility for the CNFS while attracting francophone candidates to the field.

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