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Focus numérique, sans douleur

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A pain-free digital shift

Narimya Pharmaceuticals

Founded by pharmacist Dr. Charles Piwko, Narimya was incorporated in Ontario in 2007 as a distributor of high-end Swiss pharmaceutical products. Narimya distributes a number of brands, including Perskindol, WOUND and Kelosoft®.

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Digital branding for a natural wellness line

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When the pandemic changed the way that Canadians shopped, Swiss distributor of premium wellness products Narimya Pharmaceuticals asked Camden to helm a strategic pivot toward digital platforms and e-commerce, while boosting awareness of their product offering. With confined households struggling to limit in-store purchases in the wake of COVID-19, Camden consolidated Narimya’s consumer interactions under a new brand called Swissbox and a playful mascot with the Swiss-style moniker of Sämi.

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Narimya Pharmaceuticals

Your friendly medicine cabinet

Presented as the consumer’s fully stocked Swiss medicine cabinet, Swissbox brings a wide range of high-quality medical products to Canadians’ homes. The family-friendly brand was designed with online sales in mind, using components that seamlessly transferred to social media and digital advertising platforms.

Saturated market, high-performance strategy

Camden also designed a transactional website and planned a programmatic advertising campaign on Google Ads Shopping and Facebook Ads to increase awareness, drive traffic to the Swissbox website and ensure conversion. This high-performance strategy helped the brand gain a foothold in a saturated wellness market, proving that a digital shift doesn’t need to be a pain in the ads. (Sorry! Not sorry.)

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