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Peggy Sage

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Naturally Peggy

Peggy Sage

Peggy Sage is a beauty brand that specializes in semi-permanent nail lacquer.

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Beauty at the fingertips

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Peggy Sage is a French cosmetics brand with a 90-year history of giving European consumers access to professional expertise. When the company was ready to launch its Green LAK nail lacquer which contains organically sourced ingredients, it called on Camden.

Eco colours

Peggy Sage was excited to publicize the new product and demonstrate the company’s concrete commitment to environmental responsibility. This, in turn, inspired Camden’s team in Lyon to come up with a light, flowery concept that evokes the products’ natural ingredients while allowing their beauty to shine.

Nailed it!

The TV ad was shot on location over several days in Montpellier, and the local team baptized the concept Beauty & The Green to emphasize the products’ eco-beautiful credentials for Peggy Sage fans everywhere.

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Peggy Sage turns over a new leaf

This kick-off collab between Peggy Sage and Camden marked not only a more eco-friendly initiative for the storied brand, but the first in a series of seasonal campaigns by the agency.

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