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Peggy Sage

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Sizzling summer fun

Peggy Sage

Peggy Sage is a beauty brand that specializes in semi-permanent nail lacquer.

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A Peggy Sage Summer

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Summertime 2022 saw the launch of Peggy Sage’s new range of nail lacquer and cosmetics. Who better to showcase these sensational seasonal shades than Camden?

A fully digital reveal

The new campaign’s videos and photos were designed for a 100% digital rollout to highlight the feel-good vibes of summer. The brand’s Green LAK, I-LAK and cosmetic lines appeared in creative assets that featured fresh, colourful art direction in sync with social media trends.

Summer splash

France’s Drôme region was the setting for a video entitled Summer Splash, in which Peggy Sage’s new lacquers and cosmetics found their moment in the sun. The film’s storyline revolves around two friends who get together for some poolside fun and end up disturbing the peace of a sunbather whose disapproving reaction soon turns to shared smiles and splashes.

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A brand for all seasons

Following an initial campaign in the spring, this video cemented Camden and Peggy Sage’s ongoing partnership, as the brand seeks agile, new ways to reach a community that increasingly consumes media on mobile screens.

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