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Peggy Sage

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Fashionable fall colours

Peggy Sage

Peggy Sage is a beauty brand that specializes in semi-permanent nail lacquer.

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Time for adventure!

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Autumn was not only the right time for Peggy Sage to show off the 40 new colours in the Green LAK range, it was also the perfect opportunity to get Camden back on board for another TV and social media campaign.

As beautiful as a butterfly’s wings

Peggy Sage headed back to TV in fall 2022 with another vibrant video from Camden that showcased the brand in a natural environment. Shot in a bird sanctuary in France, the film features the Green LAK and I-LAK range’s new colour palette in a vivid, verdant setting.

Inspired by nature

Two friends on the lookout for plant specimens head out into nature. But what they actually discover is the Green LAK range of eco-friendly nail lacquers!

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Third time’s a charm

This video marked Camden's third campaign for Peggy Sage in 2022, following on from the success of the spring and summer videos.

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