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Empowering wealth managers


Contineo is a leading technology solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region. Their platform is designed for private banks and wealth managers, offering timely and transparent information on structured products to empower users, from price discovery to order management and post-trade services.

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The Contineo Factor

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Contineo is a comprehensive structured product platform like no other, and Camden was brought in to create monthly content for a targeted B2B audience on LinkedIn that highlighted the platform’s unique value for wealth managers, as well as the possibilities it offered for developers seeking a career in the fintech industry. 

  • Contineo’s platform
  • Contineo’s platform

Simple as Contineo

Managing structured products can be a complex process, but we wanted to show how Contineo’s platform can simplify it. With strategy and creation helmed by Camden’s Asia Pacific creative hub in Hong Kong, we produced a series of videos and ads that emphasized the innovative platform’s reliability and efficiency. Focusing on Contineo’s ability to empower its users was part of Camden’s strategy to drive wealth managers towards the platform. 

Creating content also required developing and implementing editorial guidelines for the project to ensure that the Contineo brand is consistently communicated. The positive impact of this ongoing campaign was immediately evident, with a 10% bump in follower count!

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